Modernizing Renting

Rentable makes security deposits easier for property managers, owners, and residents.
Our mission
Build intuitive technology to simplify the complex residential security deposit process.
Our vision
A simple, transparent and affordable rental process for residents and landlords.

Our story

As both renters and landlords in Boston, we had firsthand experience of the many inefficiencies with the security deposit process.

As tenants, we dealt with the trouble of having to go to the banks for certified checks and arguing over damage done to apartments. As landlords, we dealt with the administrative burden of handling these funds and the complications with accurately tracking move-in and move-out inspections.

Experiencing the renting pains from both ends, we decided to build a solution that benefits both lessee and lessors. With Rentable, tenants can enjoy a flexible payment plan while property managers and owners can simplify and modernize their process.

Meet the Team

Alex Kamisher


Conor Brennan


Solomon Park


Long Dang

Partner Success

Edward Shorter


Tadeo Garcia


Sara Gaya


Our partners


Partners for building our fintech software and automating security deposit subaccounts

Payment Processing

Partners for facilitating online certified payments for upfront moving costs

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