FAQ: Owners & Property Managers

Rentable is a platform that helps you offload the burden of security deposit management and provides flexible payment solutions for residents.

Rentable is free for property managers to implement in their operations.

Rentable is not a security deposit alternative. We help property managers manage their existing cash security deposit systems. We also provide flexible payment options for residents that are looking for options.

There is no claims process through Rentable. Rentable streamlines your entire existing security deposit workflow. You’re eligible to deduct up to the full amount of the resident’s security deposit.

Residents can all use Rentable when they’re paying their security deposit. This allows them to receive interest on their security deposits and receive their deposit back faster at the end of their lease.

Yes. Our Implementation and training team works directly with your management teams and onsite staff. We recognize your schedules are hectic so our team provides live and recorded training sessions.

Rentable shares a variety of marketing materials (one pagers, handouts, postcards, webpages, etc.) that your team can use to market Rentable.

Rentable is a platform that helps owners offload their security deposit handling. Owners, managers and residents spend less time thinking about security deposit compliance. Owners specifically get peace of mind, better documentation and increased protection of their properties.

Rentable charges a platform fee when deposits are paid through the platform. We also make a nominal fee when residents decide to take advantage of Rentable’s flexible payment options.

Your property management system is critical for your team’s operations. Rentable integrates with many property management systems and is working actively to integrate with others. Reach out to see if your specific PMS systems are on the list!

Rentable works with all asset types in residential (including: multifamily and single family, affordable and student housing) and commercial real estate. However, our priority is residential properties.

Rentable is operational and compliant for property managers in 49/50 States.

Setting up Rentable is a simple process. Create an account, receive in person and record training by our dedicated onboarding team. Then your team can invite residents.

Residents will be qualified by our proprietary qualification engine. Once qualified, residents can choose what plan works for them based on their own financial circumstances. This flexibility enables residents to secure their lease faster.

Rentable is an agent of the landlord/property owner. We do not dictate what deductions should be made. As a result, disputes are handled off the platform and in traditional manners (such as small claims court).

Transparency is critical to a positive resident experience. Through Rentable’s platform, residents and property managers can see security deposit recipes, itemized lists of deductions, interest accrued, etc.

Residents receive their security deposit directly through electronic ACH within 2-4 days after a property manager closes out their deposit. No need to track down a forwarding address.

Property managers can deduct up to the full amount of the cash security deposit.

Additional questions? Reach out to our 24/7 support team at support@rentable.com