Streamline security deposits and inspections for tenants and landlords

Rentable’s easy-to-use and compliant platform allows property owners and managers to open and close security deposit accounts from the comfort of their home.

Our features

Improve resident experience by making security deposits and inspections more convenient and transparent

Rentable improves the renting experience by bringing trust and transparency into the process.
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Automated State-Level Compliance

Rentable’s technology facilitates the administrative burden surrounding the handling of cash security deposits. The platform allows for digital account openings, online signing of banking documents, delivery of receipts and statements, and remittance of annual interest payments.

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Guided Inspections

Rentable’s inspection platform allows landlords and their residents to perform in-depth inspections. With this feature residents and landlords can take timestamped photos and notes to track the condition of the unit on move-in and move-out. Rentable’s inspection module mitigates future disputes between landlords and tenants.